The Increasing Use of Mobile Phones in 2016

The Increasing Use of Mobile Phones in 2016

The Increasing Use of Mobile Phones in 2016

The subscription to cell phone service has significantly reached 4.6billion in 2010 according to the UN Telecommunications bureau and is still projected to continually rise in the next few years. With the ultimate convenience brought by mobile phones to people around the world, communications is made much easier no matter where in the globe. In fact, such advantage is highly appreciated by all ages; even the little ones know already how to operate mobile devices.

Use of landline phones is replaced by mobile phones as the availability increasingly becomes more accessible to users worldwide. With the continuous development in technology such as making calls, internet access, taking videos and photos, and even scanning certain barcodes, people enjoy using mobile phones to connect with people on social media, businesses too. And now, cellular phones tend to become the lifeline when it comes to accessing the World Wide Web in getting needed information.

How Did Mobile Phones Developed

In 1920s, the concept of cell phones began with police radios. In 1940s, Bell Labs designed a cellular phone prototype and in 1973, Dr. Martin Cooper created the first mobile phone which is actually the same as the ones used today. The functions of cell phones are complex and radio frequencies work just like CB radios or walkie-talkies. The special codes attached to the units help in phone identification. So if the user makes a phone call, the device will communicate with the control channel.

With the ability of cell phones to play and record video, access the internet, store contact data, and load photos or videos to social media channels, it is undeniably important to utilize mobile devices to make life much easier and comfortable. Up to date, mobile devices have 4G network to fully access the web. People can now also use Smartphone in scanning barcodes. All you need is to install compatible scanner and use the phone camera to scan encoded data.

Modern Use of Cellular Phones Today

Apparently, people love to use things that help in making life more comfortable and easier. Thus, this desire encouraged mobile phone manufacturers to continuously create more improvements on cell phone functions to ensure that consumers get what they exactly need. As gadgets and technology provide people the convenience they need to be able to work efficiently, there are continuous advancements made in handsets and mobile services across the globe. In banking and health services, developing countries utilize mobile phones to increase efficiency in these sectors.

According to International Telecommunication Union, rich countries are offering advanced handsets and mobile services to perk up economy. Even during the economic crisis, there has no drop when it comes to communications services demand. This only proves that technological products used in communications are very important to all people around the globe. Even low end cell phones are helpful in improving healthcare within the developing nations. On that note, manufacturers continue to develop mobile phones to ensure that this 2016 and in the next years to come, people will have easy access to mobile devices.

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