Taxi Apps For Mobile Devices

Taxi Apps For Mobile Devices

More and more taxi firms are now promoting their app to take their bookings electronically, it seems taking electronic bookings are more convenient these days to traditional bookings. In Birmingham City, West Midlands the majority of the 93 taxi firms are now promoting the use of their mobile app.

With more than 60% of searches for taxis Birmingham being now made on mobile devices taxi firms are looking to take advantage of this “new” and rapidly growing market.

Have you heard of Uber?

Uber have recently moved to the UK and are taking it by storm! Having used Uber myself i feel that local taxi firms are really going to have to UP their game.

Once you have used Uber’s mobile booking app the chances of you using a local taxi company again is very slim, Uber poses one of the biggest threats to local taxi firms, this is why they are uniting and fighting back – starting by mobile booking apps.

Pros & Cons


  • Lower call volume for phone operators
  • Accurate information submitted by prospects
  • Stored data
  • Less work


We can’t think of none?


Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular, it is imperative the local businesses don’t fall behind and keep up with the current trends that are “working”.


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