Airport Taxis Pre Booking in Birmingham

Airport Taxis Pre Booking in Birmingham

Getting airport taxis in Birmingham is easy by making a pre-booked of it. Go to the website of International Birmingham Airport and fill the information you have. Put the location to pick you up and drop. Find the fare and manage your schedule. Or you can search for a local company on the internet, I came across Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham’s Tumblr page.

The taxi is available for 24 hours 7 days. Therefore, if you need it at midnight, you do not have a problem for it. What kind of taxi do you need? Individual or groups are welcome. The airport has an extensive fleet for you. Check the number of passengers before you make an order.


Here are some of the airport taxis available:

  • Executive. It is for 3 passengers with 3 suitcases with maximum 20kg. It is able for 4 passengers with hand luggage. If you bring more luggage, you need the larger car.
  • Saloon Car. It is similar to the executive. The type of the cars is VW Passat and Ford Mondeo.
  • People carrier. This kind of the airport taxis is suitable for 5 passengers with 5 suitcases. If you ask for 6 passengers with hand luggage, it is possible to use this car. The cars are the Ford Galaxy and VW Sharan.
  • Estate Car. The types of this cars are VW Passat and Volvo Estate. They are suitable for 4 passengers with 4 suitcases.
  • Executive people carrier. This type of cars is used for 5 passengers or 6 passengers. Depends on their luggage and suitcases number.


Birmingham Airport Taxis allows you to use credit or debit card for the payment. It is better to book it online to anticipate the out of stock of cars. The amount depends on the fare and you do not need to worry about the driver professionalism. All of them will help you to get the best service and comfort travel. If you need the tour taxis directly from the airport, you can do the same pre-booking or check the available tour taxis in the airport.

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