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Month: February 2019

uPVC Windows and Their Efficiency

uPVC Windows and Their Efficiency

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a material that is very efficient in terms of cost and maintenance, and is mostly used as an alternative to painted wood or aluminum in window sills and frames.

The buildings and houses all have started to replace the old windows all around the world with uPVC ones because of the durability of the material in terms of its use. This material is used to make the frame for most window designs and offers many advantages for which no material has yet competed to the level of till now.

uPVC is heat sensitive which is why it is non-processable and requires special stabilizers if required to be degraded. Windows anywhere around the world face extreme weather conditions and bear sunlight, rain, cold and what not. These conditions lead to breakage and cracks in wooden frames for which uPVC has proven to be an excellent alternative to resist exposure to heat and sensitivity.

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