(Guest Post) Stourbirdge Tree Surgeons

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Tree Surgeons Stourbridge

Tree Surgeons Stourbridge is a team of expert tree surgeons who cover all aspects of tree surgery in Stourbridge and surrounding areas. We specialize in all areas of tree surgery, tree removal and general garden maintenance. If you have trees that interfere with roofs, windows, gutters or overhead wires, you can trust your tree surgeon Stourbridge to take care of the problem fast. Your tree surgeon can also provide you with advice on preventive maintenance to keep the trees you are taking care of in good health and prevent disease, site problems and insects from affecting its growth. (more…)

The Increasing Use of Mobile Phones in 2016

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The Increasing Use of Mobile Phones in 2016

The subscription to cell phone service has significantly reached 4.6billion in 2010 according to the UN Telecommunications bureau and is still projected to continually rise in the next few years. With the ultimate convenience brought by mobile phones to people around the world, communications is made much easier no matter where in the globe. In fact, such advantage is highly appreciated by all ages; even the little ones know already how to operate mobile devices.

Use of landline phones is replaced by mobile phones as the availability increasingly becomes more accessible to users worldwide. With the continuous development in technology such as making calls, internet access, taking videos and photos, and even scanning certain barcodes, people enjoy using mobile phones to connect with people on social media, businesses too. And now, cellular phones tend to become the lifeline when it comes to accessing the World Wide Web in getting needed information. (more…)

Taxi Apps For Mobile Devices

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More and more taxi firms are now promoting their app to take their bookings electronically, it seems taking electronic bookings are more convenient these days to traditional bookings. In Birmingham City, West Midlands the majority of the 93 taxi firms are now promoting the use of their mobile app.

With more than 60% of searches for taxis Birmingham being now made on mobile devices taxi firms are looking to take advantage of this “new” and rapidly growing market.


Top Reasons why Mobile Technology is More Significant Today!

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Top Reasons why Mobile Technology is More Significant Today!

Some of the observers would argue that we have just entered the post-PC era, where only a few people can access internet through the traditional laptop or desktop computers – and that instead we are soon surfing almost exclusively on tablets and smartphone. While the total transition from PCs to mobile technology might take a little longer, it is hard to argue the importance of mobile technology in our daily lives. Here are the top reasons why the mobile technology is considered very important. You can use this information in order to help you consider this technology in your marketing strategies for the next coming years. (more…)

Mobile Phones in the Modern World

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Mobile Phones in the Modern World

Every individual in these modern days definitely knows how important it is to have a mobile phone. Billions of people in different parts of the world have already realized the great benefits of using mobile phones. These have become important part of everyday living for different individuals. Most people could not even manage and live the day without using mobile phones. In addition to that, it is also one of the fashion trends nowadays.

If you are one of the many people who do not have a cellular or mobile phone, you are not in (more…)

Technology Causes ADD?

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Technology – a blessing or a curse?

Many of you will more likely oppose when we say that technology can sometimes became a curse. You may argue that technology make our life easier and more convenient. Mobile phones make communication much better, internet gives us information that was previously inaccessible, computers and tablet, televisions, video games and many more usually entertain us- it is extremely obvious that technologies indeed give us greater privilege in life that was never enjoyed by our great, great grandfathers. (more…)

Role of Technology in Business Industry

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Role of Technology in Business Industry

Technology is defined as the application of a scientific knowledge both in industrial and commercial field. Have you ever imagined how businesses in different parts of the world would work without the presence of technology? Each individual will surely agree that technology is an important part of businesses success whether they are large or small. Most of the businesses primarily depend on technology starting from research, development, and production. Small businesses on the other hand mainly utilize computers for Power of Sales system as well as information management systems, which contain the personal information of the employees, accounting, and clients.

Technology in Business

Technology has already brought with handful of benefits in the business world. No one will argue that. Technology has primarily increased (more…)